Computer Diagnostics

computer diagnostics

The automotive industry has continuously evolved and advanced in terms of technology and the automotive repair industry has advanced right along with it. Modern vehicles come equipped with a computer system that connects all the major systems and is constantly checking them to make sure everything is performing properly. When something isn’t right, the warning lights on your dash are triggered.

When your warning lights come on it may be tempting to ignore it, but you never should. Instead, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to Martin’s Automotive Service for a diagnostic check.

Check Engine Light Landisburg, PA

When your check engine light comes on it could be a signal of a wide variety of issues, from minor to major. Luckily, Martin’s Auto Service is equipped with state of the art technology that will help us diagnose and repair the issue quickly so you can get back on the road.

Vehicle Diagnostics Landisburg, PA

We often hear the question, “Can’t I just go to an auto parts store for a diagnostic check?” Sure, you could, but the problem is that a diagnostic test can’t tell you what the problem is, it only tells you where the problem is. For that you need a mechanic with extensive knowledge, like the ones at Martin’s Auto Service.

When you come in for a diagnostic check, we will run the test and use it as a road map. Once we know where the problem is we can take a deeper look and determine what is malfunctioning and causing that check engine light or other warning light to come on.

Benefits of a Diagnostic Check

When you have a diagnostic check performed before you have your vehicle repaired it makes the entire repair process more efficient and cost-effective. A diagnostic test tells a mechanic where to start so they can get to work faster than if they were to go into it blind. And when it takes less time to diagnose the problem it saves you money on the labor costs that come with your auto repair.

You don’t have to wait for your check engine light to come on to have your diagnostics checked. We recommend that you have your diagnostics tested when you have your vehicle serviced so you can catch a potential issue before it becomes a problem. Whether your check engine light is on or you are overdue for a diagnostic test, call Martin’s Auto Service today to schedule an appointment.

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