Drive an automatic? We’ve got you covered. Drive a stick? We’ve got you covered, too. Our certified automotive experts know all there is to know about transmission service and repair. Martin’s Auto Service will maintain your transmission to extend its life and repair or replace it in the event that it becomes necessary, although, with proper maintenance, you should never have to face a transmission repair.

Transmission Flush and Fill Landisburg, PA

Transmission fluid is also called transmission oil because it performs many of the same functions motor oil does. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a transmission fluid flush and change every 30,000 miles or every two years if the mileage milestone hasn’t been met yet. This keeps the fluid clean, fresh, and ready to do its job protecting your vehicle’s transmission, whether automatic or manual.

Transmission Fluids Landisburg, PA

Transmission fluid lubricates gears to prevent them from grinding in both automatic and manual transmissions. As with your vehicle’s motor oil, the transmission fluid also prevents excessive friction between the gears so the parts themselves do not overheat. When driving a stick, you push the transmission fluid through the system each time you change gears. Automatic transmissions use hydraulic pressure to move the transmission fluid through the system.

Transmission Fluid Leaks Landisburg, PA

Your vehicle’s transmission can spring leaks over time. Older vehicles or vehicles that have been in a serious accident can leak transmission fluid from the cooler lines, pan gasket, or system seals. If you see pink to dark red fluid leaking onto your garage floor from the center of your vehicle – not the front where the engine is – you likely have a transmission leak. It’s important to have the leak fixed right away, as driving with low transmission oil can affect the transmission’s performance and damage it.

Transmission Service Landisburg, PA

When you bring your car, truck, or SUV in every 30,000 miles (or whenever your vehicle manufacturer recommends it) for a transmission service, we’ll flush and fill the fluid and inspect the entire system for contaminants, dirt, leaks, rust, and other potential problems. If you drive a manual, we’ll also inspect and adjust your clutch. We’ll keep your transmission running like new no matter how many miles you have on your automobile, so you don’t need to worry about transmission repairs.

Transmission Repair Landisburg, PA

That said, you may come to a point when you do need transmission repairs, such as a worn clutch or leaking pan, and we can repair your manual or automatic transmission, too. We have experience in repairing newer and older transmission systems on domestic and foreign automobiles. You don’t need to take your vehicle anywhere else for your transmission needs. We are a full-service auto shop with vast experience in transmission service and repair.

For all your transmission service and repair needs, call Martin’s Auto Service in Landisburg, PA, today to schedule an appointment.

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