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Your wheels and tires may roll you forward, but they also affect everything from the handling to the safety to the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. With all that at stake, you want to know that your wheels and tires are in the best possible condition. Martin’s Auto Service can help with that.

Tire Shop Landisburg, PA

Martin’s Auto Service is the leading provider of tires in the Landisburg area and we are sure that we have the tires you are looking for. With our wide selection, there is a tire for every vehicle and every budget. If you aren’t sure what type of tire you need, our tire experts will guide you through the process and help you choose the optimal tire or your vehicle.

Tire Services Landisburg, PA

Tires are not cheap. When you purchase a new set you want to get as much as you can for your money. Keep your tires rolling along with the tires services offered at Martin’s Auto Service. Just like the other major components of your vehicle, your tires need to be maintained.

Some of the tire maintenance services we recommend include:

  • Tire Rotations – It is always recommended that you purchase all four tires a the same time. To do that, you need your tires to wear evenly. Rotating your tires redistributes the weight and allows your tires to wear at the same rate.
  • Wheel Balancing – When your wheels are balanced it puts the optimal amount of the surface of the tire in contact with the road. This encourages even tread wear and enhances your overall handling.
  • Air Pressure Check – When your air pressure is too high puts your tire at risk for a blowout. When it is too low it accelerates tread ware and can lead to a flat tire. Check your tire pressure regularly and make sure it is properly inflated.
  • Wheel Alignment – When your wheels are misaligned, it affects more than your steering and handling. It also causes your tires to wear unevenly and possibly at an accelerated rate.

Tire Repair Landisburg, PA

Tire damage does not always have to mean tire replacement. Depending on the type, placement, and size of the damage, there is a chance that we can repair it. If you have tire damage, bring your tire into Martin’s Auto Service for an inspection and possible repair.

When it comes to tires and tire service, Martin’s Auto Service is the Landisburg auto shop that does it all. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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